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I’ve added a shopping cart function, which will direct you to Paypal. This will make ordering much easier for those of you with a Paypal account. You won’t have to contact me or leave your e-mail address etc.

However, I have to add the ‘Add to Cart’ button to every item in turn, so please be patient!

Also, adding a variable P&P (dependent on weight) to the base cost of a book is going to be tricky. I don’t want to have to change the P&P for every item each time the Royal Mail puts is charges up, so keep an eye on the Postage page for whatever I decide to do.


October 2013

Disneyland Paris De L’Esquisse a la Creation by Alain Littaye and Didier Ghez
Limited Edition, No 513/2000. Includes 4 Lithographs only available with this edition. All in Mint Condition. Price £1000.

This is a superb full colour book detailing the concept, design and making of Disneyland Paris. I bought this myself at DP. The limited edition is now very hard to find.

Plays and Travel

They’re coming in too fast, the web-site canna take anymore.
I’m struggling to get everything listed before more books come in. Please be patient. I’ve just had some play texts (Pinter, Berkoff), and some travel and language books – including a superb photographic book of Paris, an equally superb book of Amsterdam watercolours and an excellent photographic book called ‘Secret Nature of Cyprus’ (2007) which I can find no trace of on the web either by title, author or ISBN – a mystery!

Antiquarian Purchases

I’ve recently bought a dozen or so mixed antiquarian books, including early 20th century Charles Dickens, and some 50+ year old Enid Blyton, Edgar Wallace and Hammond Innes. Also a couple of old technical books.
Once I’ve had a good look through them, I’ll create new ‘Antiquarian’ pages under Fiction and Non-Fiction. Or maybe a new ‘Antiquarian’ page with Fiction and Non-Fiction sub-pages.